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My first single release

Hello everyone,

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Those of you that have been following my socials this year know that I have

been working hard to release my EP before the end of the summer.

I am very excited about the process and journey throughout this year.

However, I am currently experiencing a creative block and must be honest

I don’t know where to go from here.

A good leader know when to ask for direction.


That is why I’m being vulnerable and transparent right now, I need your help.

I am reaching out to you, my audience, followers, viewers, and listeners.

I need your help to finish this project, and I want to involve you in the creating process.

I have completed the recording of the vocals and feel I have a solid foundation,

but I think its missing something, I don’t know what that something is.

That is why I need your assistance to finish this project.

As some of you may be aware,

I released my very first single to the EP last week.

Just so you all know that is not a finished product.

As I work with each song,

I will be publishing my draft work for free out to the public.

I would like to know everyone’s feedback on this track;

If you can let me know how you interpret the song,

who knows, your ideas may potentially influence and inspire me

I know for a fact that we are better together.

I want to make this EP a community project.

Add your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and listening.

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