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My Mission

Episode 2 Bearded Bio - BeardedEggHead

My Unique Journey

I will soon eventually be able to provide consulting and leadership development skills to small business owners and start up entrepreneurs.


My deepest passion is to motivate and inspire an entire generation, I want to create a more sustainable and desirable future for all of us. 


I plan to complete this mission by documenting my unique journey in the process of starting up as freelance entreprenuer on the road to creating my own business.


My biggest dream is to help people be aware of their potential and how to implement steps to accomplishing their desired goals.


Join me in my journey as I aim to educate and inspire the local community by instilling confidence and demonstrating their potential, possibility, and ability to launch a successful business structure.


Additionally I plan to provide thought provoking music and spoken word as a product for your listening and reading pleausure. 

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